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Mea Culpa – mobile forensics & 64 bit does work…

Dear Reader –

I apologize. I didn’t mention in my post on Windows 8 64 bit that I was running PA/XRY in a virtual machine. Nor did I mention that my 32 bit XP box (in which XRY/PA worked just fine) was also a VM.

I apologize as well that I failed to follow up yesterday and post that I successfully installed Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit in a VM and got both PA XRY Complete to run just fine.

As Jansen Cohoon of Micro Systemation pointed out to me on Twitter he has Win 8 64 bit and XRY working fine on a dedicated Windows box.

I should have been more explicit in my post and mentioned the VMs. I should have followed up. I also should have been more scientific in my trouble shooting.

I got frustrated and ran out of time for my testing….but that’s a cop out. I owe it to you all to be more thorough.

So I’ll test it all again on the VM and again test it on some dedicated boxes when I can get my hands on them (they are being used in a course).

Thank you to those who pointed out my mistakes. I’d like to hear from people if they are also having problems using Win 8 in a VM. I know a lot of us use VMs for forensics. Perhaps my host needs some more TLC!

To recap :

  • I was using a 64 bit Win 8 VM when I couldn’t get XRY/PA to work.
  • My 32 bit XP VM runs PA and XRY just fine
  • My 64 bit Win 7 VM runs XRY and PA without a hitch
  • Test and validate!



P.S. Always follow your own advice ๐Ÿ˜‰


Win 8 64 Bit? No can do!

Well, I just wasted hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

“But Mike,” you say concerned, “Whatever do you mean? How can I help?”

Thanks for the offer but there is nothing you can do – unless of course you have a Delorian and a Flux Capacitor.

You see, I foolishly tried to install a copy of Windows 8 64 bit as my OS to use with Cellebrite’s Physical Analyzer and MSAB’s XRY Complete. And I got…bubkes.

Oh the software seemed to run right, yes indeedy. But the dongles wouldn’t work. Neither WIBU or HASP.

“Mike, did you check to see if Win 8 was supported by Cellebrite or MSAB?”


I thought I’d give it a shot. I wanted it to work. I figured as long as I was updating my wheezy XP box, I’d go to the latest OS….

…and I got burned. No soup for me.

Ahh, well at least I’m a good example. Three things though

1. Dongle vendors UPDATE YOUR DRIVERS

2. DON’T TRY TO USE WIN 8 for PA or XRY (yet!)

3. Don’t be like me – RTFM!

Have a good one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Micro Systemation Marks A Major Release with XRY 5.4

Micro Systemation, a leading cell phone forensic vendor, made a major release with their Forensic Pack 5.4. Included in the release, was a better integration with physical extractions in XACT, more support for smart phones like Android, more decoding for Sony Ericsson phones and the ability to run three simultaneous extractions with XRY.

XRY continues to raise the bar with their releases and it should be a boon for the community. I’ll be doing a rundown of the new features in an upcoming blog post and a feature at Mobile Forensic Central. I’ve attached the release notes and included a synopsis of some of the new features.


Total Support Profiles now available in XRY Complete = 3,754 devices.

Whatโ€™s new in this update?

* Over 500 new device profiles.
* Includes 46 new CDMA models.
* Includes 33 new GPS devices.
* Includes 61 new decoded Sony Ericsson.
* Includes 32 new Android devices.

v5.4 Release Notes EN