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Microsoft’s old/new way to compete – Bullying

According to CNET’s by in his online blog post on 6/6/11, Microsoft is suing companies in order to force them to pay royalties on alleged patent violations of Android. I have to say, though I’m not surprised by this tactic – Microsoft is stagnant – I find it highly irritating and disappointing.

All this patent suing is stifling innovation and ultimately harms the consumer. Do we really all want to have Windows mobiles? Don’t you want a choice? Don’t you want a healthy competitive market place where ideas flow and prices stay low? This is yet another instance of big companies gone wild, abusing the system and sticking their middle finger up at the rest of us as they grab more and more of the pie.

This is ugly poor form by Microsoft and other greedy selfish grabbing companies. Read more on Don’s article by clicking the link below

Microsft wants $15 per Android handset


RIM and Microsoft – Strange Bedfellows

Looks like RIM and Steve Balmer have something that is keeping them awake at night. As Marguerite Reardon writes about in Signal Strength RIM and Microsoft are desperately trying to outdo Google and Apple. Ms. Reardon states that the two new allies are likely only to close the gap in the smartphone race. That’s right – catch up, not pass over. From the sounds of Ms. Reardon’s article, there is a lot of ho-hum going on.

Signal Strength

In a related note, I was watching Castle last night and was surprised to see the Apple iPhone replaced by a Windows 7 mobile phone. Rick Castle has been a staunch Apple user – interesting. How much was paid by Lord Balmer for that switch?

Oh yeah and Body of Proof? iPads galore.

Redmond and Waterloo Canada may need some Tums.