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Poll – Online, On Demand, On Site

I’m curious about the efficacy and cost of online and on demand forensic courses as opposed to the traditional week long on-site training paradigm. So I’ve created a poll to see where you, Dear Reader, think about the ┬ásubject. If you are interested and take the poll please retweet this post using the #4n6train hashtag. I’ll publish the results in another post. Thanks!


Where do you normally find the IMEI of a GSM phone? Beneath the battery on the sticker it dialling *#06# right?

But what about the iPhone? Take apart the phone? What if it doesn’t power up?

Det. Bob Elder and I were sitting at Wild PCS getting trained by Tom Yang…and guess what we learned? The IMEI and serial number of the iPhone is printed on the SIM tray is the serial number.

Bob and I had our jaws drop. Who knew?

Now you do!

Outstanding! Thanks Wild PCS!

Encase now supports the iPad

Here’s a press release regarding Guidance Software supporting iOS devices, focusing in particular on the iPad as it relates to Enterprise investigations.

Guidance’s iPad support

The question is…does it support physical acquisitions? Bypass security codes etc? Or do they not passcode protect devices in the Enterprise environment?

Still, I think its great that Guidance is finally coming to the table on this one!

Can Jailbreaking an iPhone Knock Out Transmission Towers?

Apple filed a claim with the US copyright office that jailbreaking an iPhone could crash a wireless provider’s transmission towers and therefore allow people to avoid paying for telephone calls (Capt. Crunch anyone?)

Read the story here

Jailbreaking could crash transmission towers

Here’s also a link to Apple’s answer’s to the copyright office questions
Apple’s Answers

Is this more of ATT pressure like the Google App boondongle? Or is it as some suggest more Cupertino attempts at hegemony on app vendors…..?