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RIM and Microsoft – Strange Bedfellows

Looks like RIM and Steve Balmer have something that is keeping them awake at night. As Marguerite Reardon writes about in Signal Strength RIM and Microsoft are desperately trying to outdo Google and Apple. Ms. Reardon states that the two new allies are likely only to close the gap in the smartphone race. That’s right – catch up, not pass over. From the sounds of Ms. Reardon’s article, there is a lot of ho-hum going on.

Signal Strength

In a related note, I was watching Castle last night and was surprised to see the Apple iPhone replaced by a Windows 7 mobile phone. Rick Castle has been a staunch Apple user – interesting. How much was paid by Lord Balmer for that switch?

Oh yeah and Body of Proof? iPads galore.

Redmond and Waterloo Canada may need some Tums.


Android App Market poised to overtake Apple’s App Store in App Volume

Josh Lowenshon just published an article on Cnet’s Apple Talk reporting that marketing firm Distimo says that Google “will be 40,000 applications short of evening out with Apple’s overall volume by the end of June, and will catch up completely in July.”

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Mobile Forensic Interview

Eric Huber just published an interview with Shafik Punja of the Calgary Alberta Canada Police.

For those of you who don’t know, Shaf is extremely generous always going above and beyond to help his fellow examiner. He also happens to be one of the foremost Blackberry experts in this field. I highly value all his advice and wisdom.

Check out the article that Eric posted and I’m sure you’ll learn something new!

Shafik Punja article

New Tool On The Block

I was just turned onto a brand new tool in the mobile forensics game; Phone Image Carver. Phone Image Carver is the latest creation of the Austrailian Software Development company GetData. For those who don’t know about GetData they have excellent carving and recovery tools and are the makers of Mount Image Pro which has many useful forensic uses.

According to the website-

Phone Image Carver is an easy to use sector by sector data carver for phone dumps or cell phone image files. Currently supports:

Easily recover more than 300+ file types using reliable automated file carving scripts.

Most interesting and at $69.95, this should be a handy edition to your mobile forensic toolkit.

The lads at GetData have graciously offered me a test spin of the tool to get up to speed on it (I should also disclose that they mention yours truly’s papers in the Help File; without recompense). I look forward to giving the application a knock about and reporting on it here.

Watch this space!

Isn’t it interesting…

….how fickle we are and how easy we forget?

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