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Win 8 64 Bit? No can do!

Well, I just wasted hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

“But Mike,” you say concerned, “Whatever do you mean? How can I help?”

Thanks for the offer but there is nothing you can do – unless of course you have a Delorian and a Flux Capacitor.

You see, I foolishly tried to install a copy of Windows 8 64 bit as my OS to use with Cellebrite’s Physical Analyzer and MSAB’s XRY Complete. And I got…bubkes.

Oh the software seemed to run right, yes indeedy. But the dongles wouldn’t work. Neither WIBU or HASP.

“Mike, did you check to see if Win 8 was supported by Cellebrite or MSAB?”


I thought I’d give it a shot. I wanted it to work. I figured as long as I was updating my wheezy XP box, I’d go to the latest OS….

…and I got burned. No soup for me.

Ahh, well at least I’m a good example. Three things though

1. Dongle vendors UPDATE YOUR DRIVERS

2. DON’T TRY TO USE WIN 8 for PA or XRY (yet!)

3. Don’t be like me – RTFM!

Have a good one 😉


Has RIM gasped its last?

I was just in the Netherlands – and I got to enjoy SinterKlaas! – and the police there are still very interested in Blackberry investigations. In fact, I think this is true for the UK and Europe. But here in the States we seemed to have moved on  – and I’m so sick of the pundits who are making their living pontificating on BlackBerry 10.

Its time to settle this with a poll. So, what do you think?

Microsoft’s old/new way to compete – Bullying

According to CNET’s by in his online blog post on 6/6/11, Microsoft is suing companies in order to force them to pay royalties on alleged patent violations of Android. I have to say, though I’m not surprised by this tactic – Microsoft is stagnant – I find it highly irritating and disappointing.

All this patent suing is stifling innovation and ultimately harms the consumer. Do we really all want to have Windows mobiles? Don’t you want a choice? Don’t you want a healthy competitive market place where ideas flow and prices stay low? This is yet another instance of big companies gone wild, abusing the system and sticking their middle finger up at the rest of us as they grab more and more of the pie.

This is ugly poor form by Microsoft and other greedy selfish grabbing companies. Read more on Don’s article by clicking the link below

Microsft wants $15 per Android handset

Android is only “Quasi Open Source”

Stephen Shankland in his “Deep Tech” blog for CNET is reporting that Andy Rubin, the leader of Google’s Android Project has stated that Android is open source from a “software” perspective not a “community” perspective.

Shankland writes:

The reason for Google’s approach is so the company can control Android’s interfaces, the underlying features that Android apps use, Rubin told reporters at the Google I/O conference.
These application programming interfaces (APIs) are best developed in private and released only when Google deems them done, a process that ensures app compatibility, he said.
“Open source is different than a community-driven project,” Rubin said, in which a broad collection of people collectively determine the software’s future. “Android is light on the community-driven side and heavy on open source.”

Read more: Android Quasi Open Source

Apple releases iOS 4.3.3 – Patches Location Database

Josh Lowensohn is reporting in his CNET Apple Talk blog that Apple has addressed the public outcry over its devices’ location-tracking behavior including that information’s security in its latest update to iOS.

Lowensohn writes “iOS 4.3.3, which is a free update delivered through Apple’s iTunes software, reduces the size of the “crowdsourced” location cache, no longer backs up the cache to iTunes in the form of a device recovery image, and deletes the cache when a user turns Location Services off. ”

Read more: