Mea Culpa – mobile forensics & 64 bit does work…

Dear Reader –

I apologize. I didn’t mention in my post on Windows 8 64 bit that I was running PA/XRY in a virtual machine. Nor did I mention that my 32 bit XP box (in which XRY/PA worked just fine) was also a VM.

I apologize as well that I failed to follow up yesterday and post that I successfully installed Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit in a VM and got both PA XRY Complete to run just fine.

As Jansen Cohoon of Micro Systemation pointed out to me on Twitter he has Win 8 64 bit and XRY working fine on a dedicated Windows box.

I should have been more explicit in my post and mentioned the VMs. I should have followed up. I also should have been more scientific in my trouble shooting.

I got frustrated and ran out of time for my testing….but that’s a cop out. I owe it to you all to be more thorough.

So I’ll test it all again on the VM and again test it on some dedicated boxes when I can get my hands on them (they are being used in a course).

Thank you to those who pointed out my mistakes. I’d like to hear from people if they are also having problems using Win 8 in a VM. I know a lot of us use VMs for forensics. Perhaps my host needs some more TLC!

To recap :

  • I was using a 64 bit Win 8 VM when I couldn’t get XRY/PA to work.
  • My 32 bit XP VM runs PA and XRY just fine
  • My 64 bit Win 7 VM runs XRY and PA without a hitch
  • Test and validate!



P.S. Always follow your own advice 😉