Where do you normally find the IMEI of a GSM phone? Beneath the battery on the sticker it dialling *#06# right?

But what about the iPhone? Take apart the phone? What if it doesn’t power up?

Det. Bob Elder and I were sitting at Wild PCS getting trained by Tom Yang…and guess what we learned? The IMEI and serial number of the iPhone is printed on the SIM tray is the serial number.

Bob and I had our jaws drop. Who knew?

Now you do!

Outstanding! Thanks Wild PCS!



  1. Richard Rosalion

    Yep, don’t even have to scratch the IMEI sticker off anymore. Just find someone else’s SIM tray…

  2. gur

    I believe this has been the case since iPhone 3G. iPhone 2G had it written on its back.

    As Richard mentioned, this is not the most reliable source. I accidentally broke my SIM tray and ordered a replacement from eBay, which has a random S/N and IMEI. I would only rely on what’s displayed within the iOS (Settings > General > About). Or if you have acquired the device you can view the IMEI within: \Data\root\Library\Lockdown\activation_records\wildcard_record.plist

    You can also see the IMEI within a computers iPhone backup files: info.plist