Micro Systemation Marks A Major Release with XRY 5.4

Micro Systemation, a leading cell phone forensic vendor, made a major release with their Forensic Pack 5.4. Included in the release, was a better integration with physical extractions in XACT, more support for smart phones like Android, more decoding for Sony Ericsson phones and the ability to run three simultaneous extractions with XRY.

XRY continues to raise the bar with their releases and it should be a boon for the community. I’ll be doing a rundown of the new features in an upcoming blog post and a feature at Mobile Forensic Central. I’ve attached the release notes and included a synopsis of some of the new features.


Total Support Profiles now available in XRY Complete = 3,754 devices.

What’s new in this update?

* Over 500 new device profiles.
* Includes 46 new CDMA models.
* Includes 33 new GPS devices.
* Includes 61 new decoded Sony Ericsson.
* Includes 32 new Android devices.

v5.4 Release Notes EN


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