Encase now supports the iPad

Here’s a press release regarding Guidance Software supporting iOS devices, focusing in particular on the iPad as it relates to Enterprise investigations.

Guidance’s iPad support

The question is…does it support physical acquisitions? Bypass security codes etc? Or do they not passcode protect devices in the Enterprise environment?

Still, I think its great that Guidance is finally coming to the table on this one!



  1. Lee Reiber

    To answer on GSI iPad questions. No, only logical, No if passcoded and lastly not sure.

    Just as an FYI many mainstream solutions cover the logical extraction, but I guess it’s news because GSI now supports it via neutrino? If its because GSI is a computer forensic company well it should be known AccesData’s MPE has supported iPhone and iPads logically since it’s 4.1 release. Subsequently, they will be showing the March release beta at DoD next week that bypasses apple passcodes and retrieves a physical disk image of the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. Just throwing this out if readers did not know AccessData had a mobile phone solution.


    Lee Reiber

  2. roboknight

    Hmmm, I wonder exactly what AccessData will be revealing in March since a physical dump of the iPhone 4.x is encrypted as well as 3gs that has had a full upgrade? Is it a physical dump of iOS devices below 4.x?