Apple Examiner Post

Ryan Kubasiak, The Apple Expert, has a new post on detailing a potential pitfall with iOS 4 devices and airplane mode.
Check it out!

iOS airplane mode post



  1. Sean

    Old News, Been teaching this for over a year now, it just prudent to turn off all access to any give device. Just common sense.

    • numenorian

      Mr. Morrissey-

      While I am pleased to see that you are taking the time to edify students in this technique, there are plenty of students and others that can benefit from a post of this kind. Perhaps there are people that may not have had the pleasure of meeting you and spending an afternoon or two sitting at your learned knee.

      There are many such articles written. Articles, in fact, that are on the exact same topic. For instance this series of articles written by John J. Barbara in DFI news –

      Understanding The World of Cellular Telephones

      Clearly this is aimed at the uninitiated and not some one of your esteemed calibur and consumate skill. I think its outstanding that people continue to make sure that information on examination techniques is constantly being revived, dusted off and given a fresh voice.

      While my readers appreciate your comment, I’m sure they appreciate my making sure that all voices are heard much more.

      Thank you for your always refreshing commentary.

      – Michael