Open Source iPhone Tool

I am very excited about this open source tool for reading iPhone backups and the iPhone!
iPhone Analyser!!!!

This thing kicks ass and IT’S FREE. Its doing as good a job if not better than some commercial tools. Did I mention its free??

All you need is a Java framework running and you have iPhone extraction bliss!

Some of the cool features include SQL view and HEX! Check it out and make it better for everyone!

Highly reccomended!



  1. Peace

    Hey Guys, really at a fixed out here and need serious help: Could anyone help me with how to get more information about open source mobile forensic tools. I am trying to carry out a school research work that deals with the challenges and limitations facing open source mobile forensic tools but can’t really seems to get materials to guide me through. Would appreciate comments and help please. Meanwhile, thanks for the info on iPhone Analyzer.