Susteen IDs Error-Promises Fix

From The Good To Know Desk-

Susteen has stated that they found the error causing the misreporting of the times that I discovered when I downloaded an LG Fusic.  They have promised a fix out soon….woot! Now if it would just get the SMS and deleted stuff…;-) 



  1. Javier Martinez

    I agree. We should be getting SMS and Deleted stuff. But, you forgot to mention that the Secure View was the only product that supported this phone and the few features. I guess something is better than NOTHING. Like all the rest of the tools supposely doing mobile forensics.


  2. numenorian

    Javier, Sorry for the omission.

    Thank you for pointing out that Secureview was the only commercial solution to pull out some data. BitPim, though can pull out the raw data.



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