Location of SMS Messages in a Motorola V3c

I’ve been playing around with a Motorola V3c on a case (CDMA RAZR variant)…and have had moderate success with a number of different pieces of software. In general I can get the contacts and call records (not date/time though just index) from the following pieces of software.

  • DP Secure View
  • MobilEdit
  • BitPim

Curiously, I cannot get Device Seizure to even recognize this phone exists. I of course have to connect over its modem which has been seen on a virtual COM port (16 in my case)…DS just refuses to see the phone.

 I may try to hook up to it via the Hyperterminal but it sure would be nice not to have to do this the hard way…

 Anyway while looking at the filesystem in BitPim, I managed to find the location of the SMS messages (not parsed). They are located in


I know there is an index which helps mark these up but I havent tried to suss that out yet. What’s cool is that I’ve found some previous messages in there as well…and I’m not talking about a Quick Notes/SMS dump ala Device Seizure either…..

More to come on this one..




  1. numenorian

    I managed to download the SMS messages in both the inbox and the sent folders using Mobile Phone Tools for Motorola (see my other post on Mark’s CDMA Forum)…I now think I can go carve some previous SMS….

  2. dan

    1. I am also interested in knowing the file structures of CDMA and GSM SIM cards. What I mean to say is Root 3F00 (MF)and associated DF and EF files down below.

    2. I have encountered problems in analysing PIN loked SIM Cards. Pl help.
    Can not guess correct PIN in three mandatory tries !!!…what’s the trick ???

  3. Tony

    I’ve copied nvm/seem/syn_messages to my computer, but I’m not able to view the file. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!