Bypassing iDEN Unlock Codes

If you have ever run across an iDEN phone that has an Unlock Code barring your access to the handset? I have, and its none too pleasant. In fact, I found the below just today when looking for some default codes. I hope its of some use to the forensic community.

To attempt to bypass the Unlock Code, press the menu key. This will bring up a prompt for the Security Code. the default for the iDEN phones is six zeros (000000).  Bear in mind however that if someone has gone through the trouble of setting an Unlock Code, they probably have set a new Security Code as well.

Here’s a number to 24/7 Government and Corporate help with SPRINT that may come in handy to help unlock these phones

24/7 Customer Care

Lastly, here’s a way to check the IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identifier) of the handset. On the keypad press




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