Working With Flashers: A Two Part Series

I thought I would share with the community a two part article that covers the basics of hex dumping for cell phones. While I cant give you all the answers or experience in an article or a webinar, my goal is to hopefully give you some groundwork for further exploration and information on making informed decisions on equipment and software.

One of the best things about doing this as a two part paper is that there is no financial commitment on your part; the only thing you need to invest is the time to read the document. Too often the tools and knowledge in this field cost way too much-and provide too little. Of course I’m assuming that the time you invest in reading the articles is time well spent-you may feel differently….

Part One discusses the reasons and ideas behind hexdumping and the equipment and software needed to perform hex dumps of cell phones. Part Two examines the ouput of said hardware and software and looks at methodologies of research and decoding the data hidden inside these dumps.

My hope is that the foreniscs community will gain something from my modest effort in putting this together.

Hex Dump Primer Part One 




  1. susan kuo

    Hi Michael –
    I am interested in cell phone forensics via flash files. Is the 2nd primer ready? Also, is there reference material you can direct me to?

    Susan Kuo

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