Cell Phone Spying

Just had a telephone conversation with an Officer regarding a spouse using this service to harrass his ex…


From the website:

How It Works

Call Recorder Cards contain instructions for creating a setting where the calls are rerouted through a telecommunications-recording switch. When the system is active, each call is channeled through a recording switch before it is picked up by the receiving party. The Card does not in any way connect to the phone, nor does it replace existing phone service.

This advance in telecommunication technology services allows you to record all of your phone calls on your cell phone, home phone and business phones. Now, record both sides of your cellular or fixed phone line conversations without any hardware, devices or hassle. This new phone recording system is currently the only means to record and archive phone calls without the use of any additional hardware devices. Keep an archival record of the most important calls you get, from conference calls to sales orders.

We have formulated three main ‘Scenarios’ where the Card can be used easily and effectively; detailed instructions for all scenarios are provided with each card.


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