Upgrade For Data Pilot SecureView?

As you may or may not know Susteen has changed the pricing schedule for Secureview. It will no longer be 649 USD but rather $3000 for a new copy or $2500 if you have a previous version. What do you get for this almost 500% increase? Read Below…

  •  Call History will now be acquired
  •  Two-year update license (Versus the prior plan of one year)
  •  HASP dongle based, so like Encase/FTK, etc. install on multiple systems, use one with dongle
  • Nineteen phone cables with the option included if you should encounter a phone that you don’t have the cable, Susteen will mail you the cable.  Of that group of cables, there are five or six.
  • MD5 hash of extracted groups…not files.  Groupings such as Graphics Files, Call History, SMS, etc. are MD5 hashed  as a group only
  • A report export feature with the option of HTML or textual
    base exports
  • Support for approximately 400 phones
  • New GUI interface with the wizard application from the
    previous version included
  • Information entry GUI relevant to the examiners name, case
    report number, notes, etc.

Shouts out to Det. Brian Roach of KCPD for this information!


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