Faraday Box

Here’s a link to a Faraday Box that is FIVE HUNDRED dollars cheaper than the Stronghold box put out by Paraben ( from the simularity of appearence I suspect they rebranded).

Faraday Box

Faraday Box



  1. numenorian

    Just a follow-up…it seems that the price point at five hundred less than the Paraben one is unconfigured. Full configuration comes to one hundred less than Paraben’s same box. Not as good as 500 but who wants to pay $100 for the Paraben logo?

    Paraben should really tell everyone about how they rebrand all their products.

  2. Jason Bates

    look at the specs, I think parabens box is better.
    Their support is some of the best in the business!

  3. numenorian

    Well Jason I ran your IP and curiously it came back to a Comcast connection from Utah….could it be you WORK for Paraben?

    I have looked at the Specs….and BTW Ramesy Electronics readily admits that they resell to your company.

    Nice Try…its the same box. Anedoctal stories about Paraben support tell a different story.

    Case in point-NetAnalysis.

    ’nuff said