NEXTEL/IDEN Examinations

For practitioners in the US few types of phones are more frustrating than an iDEN phone. Below are some FREE tools you can use for examining these phones. They get as much, if not more (Direct Connect numbers anyone?) than the other software out there claiming “support”.

Here you go

  • Companion Pro-this software gets cool things like direct connect numbers and even works when you have a fritzy handset
  • Phone Book Manager and Media Downloader for the phonebook and downloading pics respectively. Phonebook Manager can be tricky at times to remember how to get the phonebook.

Of course, don’t forget to take a read of the SIM by itself. Keep in mind though, that only one software kit does Nextel 600 contacts correctly and that is SIMIS.

One other thing to bear in mind (and this is from a Moto engineer) that the iDEN call records only hold 20 records before they begin at the top and overwrite themselves-apparently this is a file system “feature”.

I hope this is helpful for the community.